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On My Own Two WheelsMalachi O'Doherty : On My Own Two Wheels : Back in the Saddle at Sixty

Blackstaff Press, 2012
Kindle AU$6.40

Malachi O'Doherty – writer, journalist and broadcaster – shook the cobwebs off the old bicycle parked in his backyard and found that he had grown too fat to ride it comfortably. He got rid of it. But in just a few months, everything changed. Malachi, approaching sixty, found that he had type two diabetes. On medical advice he lost a dozen kilos and rediscovered cycling – the frets, the struggles and, most of all, the joys.

Tootling is my word for relaxed cycling. When I tootle, I am not in a hurry to get anywhere. This is not a race against another cyclist, agains my own past performance or against time. This kind of cycling accepts no challenge, other than the challenge to learn how to tootle, to live in the moment without anxiety or pressure. Perhaps this is a form of cycling best suited to the older person.